My Mega Nail Polish Sale!

Ok so I really haven’t been blogging that much lately, things just aren’t as relaxed as they were in the summer.

However I do have good news. I decided to make my nail polish “collection” smaller. I’m selling my nail polishes that I don’t use. In fact some of them have never been used!

My prices vary by usage, brand, rarity, and desirability, however my prices are still quite cheap

To purchase:

You must have a PayPal account

Contact me at with your order and PayPal address so I can send an invoice

yay shipping is $2.50 FLAT, I don’t want to punish you for taking unwanted polish off my hands, you could buy all of it 🙂 and shipping would still be $2.50

So lets move on to the fun stuff

OPI Glove You So Much

Usage: just 1 mani

Price: $5



OPI Sand In My Suit

Usage: about 5-8 manis

Price: $3.50



OPI Who Needs A Prince

Usage: None

Price: $3.50

Note: When factoring the price I took into account that the lid on this is very tricky I opened it once but now it seems to be quite stuck 😦       I’m sure with a little elbow grease someone could pry this one open 🙂


OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia

Usage: 1 mani

Price: $5


OPI Done Out In Deco

Usage: about 4 mani

Price: $4


OPI Banana Bandana

Usage: just 1 mani

Price: $2


OPI Don’t Melbourne The Toast

Usage: 2 Manis

Price: $4


OPI Got The Blues For Red

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $8, this is from the long gone Chicago collection, it is highly rare and coveted


China Glaze Stroll

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $4


China Glaze Tempest

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $6


China Glaze Ruby Pump

Usage: 3-5 manis

Price: $3.50


Orly Catch The Bouquet

aUsage: None

Price: $3.50


Orly Enchanted Forest

Usage: about 2 manicures

Price: $5


Finger Paints Still Life Is Good

aUsage: None

Price: $4

Sally Hansen Lime Lights

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $3.50


Happy Shopping


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