My Mega Nail Polish Sale!

Ok so I really haven’t been blogging that much lately, things just aren’t as relaxed as they were in the summer.

However I do have good news. I decided to make my nail polish “collection” smaller. I’m selling my nail polishes that I don’t use. In fact some of them have never been used!

My prices vary by usage, brand, rarity, and desirability, however my prices are still quite cheap

To purchase:

You must have a PayPal account

Contact me at with your order and PayPal address so I can send an invoice

yay shipping is $2.50 FLAT, I don’t want to punish you for taking unwanted polish off my hands, you could buy all of it 🙂 and shipping would still be $2.50

So lets move on to the fun stuff

OPI Glove You So Much

Usage: just 1 mani

Price: $5



OPI Sand In My Suit

Usage: about 5-8 manis

Price: $3.50



OPI Who Needs A Prince

Usage: None

Price: $3.50

Note: When factoring the price I took into account that the lid on this is very tricky I opened it once but now it seems to be quite stuck 😦       I’m sure with a little elbow grease someone could pry this one open 🙂


OPI Flashbulb Fuchsia

Usage: 1 mani

Price: $5


OPI Done Out In Deco

Usage: about 4 mani

Price: $4


OPI Banana Bandana

Usage: just 1 mani

Price: $2


OPI Don’t Melbourne The Toast

Usage: 2 Manis

Price: $4


OPI Got The Blues For Red

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $8, this is from the long gone Chicago collection, it is highly rare and coveted


China Glaze Stroll

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $4


China Glaze Tempest

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $6


China Glaze Ruby Pump

Usage: 3-5 manis

Price: $3.50


Orly Catch The Bouquet

aUsage: None

Price: $3.50


Orly Enchanted Forest

Usage: about 2 manicures

Price: $5


Finger Paints Still Life Is Good

aUsage: None

Price: $4

Sally Hansen Lime Lights

Usage: 1 manicure

Price: $3.50


Happy Shopping


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Luxe Time: Celebs who love Dolce & Gabbana

Kylie Minogue wearing a ruched leopard print dress

Penelope Cruz wearing a strapless silk Georgette dress

Kristen Stewart wearing a fall 2009 black trench

Scarlett Johansson wearing a summer silk flower blouse

Jennifer Lopez wearing leopard print leggings

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A Tribute To Elsa Schiaparelli

* sorry for not posting in forever, my life has been quite stressful and busy recently

Elsa was an amazing designer in the 30’s. She rivaled Coco Chanel even, she was known for her surrealist and whimsical designs. Wheras Chanel wanted to dress a modern women in clean and crisp lines, Schiaparelli want women to channel there beauty through exotic and sometimes grotesque imagery. It was no wonder that Elsa was great friends and collaborators with artist Salvador Dali

Sadly Schiaparelli surrealist couture went out of fashion during and after WWII. Women wanted the new look that Dior and Chanel gave them and Elsa went out of business in 1955

and now some of her best designs and ideas!


I’m surprised by how modern these look, I mean almost every store in America carries sweaters like these


Most models today don’t need this dress, but it still is quite creepy


Maybe its just because women don’t wear hats much anymore but I could never imagine anyone in this


With Dali being the main inspiration for this dress, I thought it would turn out much weirder


I have a vintage bottle of this. It smells like burnt mashmallows, and it really reminds me of that popular perfume Aqualina Pink Sugar

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Before And After: Maybelline Falsies Mascara

I have finally found my holy grail mascara

BEFORE: no eyelashes (I was really born with super short lashes)

AFTER: what a difference, most mascaras just tint my lashes black but this actually lengthens them

PLEASE NOTE: I only put mascara on my top lashes

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My Mani of the Week: it is a tri-color Lippman creation

Colors I used in this mani

L to R : Prelude To A Kiss, Don’t Tell Mama, Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I started with a base coat, but then I coated my nails with Prelude To A Kiss. The reason being is that DTM is a very muddy color so painting it over the white PTAK helped clear it up

Next I put on two coats of Don’t Tell Mama, again DTM is a very dark color and it is quite hard to see the gorgeous blue greenish glitter

Finally, le piece de resistance, two coats of Dream A Little Dream Of Me work wonders.

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Celebs who love Forever 21!

Hayden Panettiere wearing a cougar tank

Miley Cyrus wearing Buffalo Plaid Shirt

Amanda Bynes wearing a florencia dress

Annalynne McCord wearing an Ombre Tank

Elisalbeth Hasselbeck wearing a navy blazer

Rochelle Wiseman wearing a Meadow Maxi Dress

Emma Watson wearing V-neck Flower Shirt

Avril Lavigne wearing Polka dotted Boots

Angelina Jolie wearing a Heathered LS Sweater

Selena Gomez wearing Sunny Flower wedges

Anna Paquin wearing Floral Woven shirt

Evan Rachel Wood wearing Wild Hearts sunglasses

Demi Lovato wearing a Smoked Scale Dye Tunic

Kim Kardashian wearing a Falling Leaves Burnout Tank

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Lipstick Lovin’: Mac Russian Red

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